Uterine Anomalies

On this Mother’s Day I’d like to honor the mothers by talking about Uteri, or uteruses (both are correct, btw), specifically uterine anomalies. In middle school when we first learn about sex and reproductive education in a classroom setting, we are usually shown a picture of a perfectly upside-down pear-shaped uterus, complete with two ovaries,... Continue Reading →

An Interlude in the Nude

For the past several years I wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot. Nearly all the boudoir photos I found on the internet were beautiful and amazing, but in nearly all of them the women were wearing lingerie. I have nothing against lingerie; it's beautiful. However, I am not a lingerie wearing kind of woman.  I sleep... Continue Reading →


"It is possible for a man to appreciate the form and face of a woman while simultaneously understanding her existence is not only for his viewing pleasure."-Me Throughout the entirety of my life I have been told countless times to, "smile," by men. These are not men I know; they are total strangers to me.... Continue Reading →

Put Me in Coach!

A coach is defined as someone who instructs or trains. From my understanding, a coach should also have knowledge and expertise over another giving them an ability to train a particular skill. So... what the hell is a Life Coach? Who out there has more expertise about living (in general) over another living person? This... Continue Reading →

What About Your Friends?

I think about writing a lot. I think about all I want to say during the day, but when I actually have time to write my mind is blank. Or, it is so full I can’t focus on just one thing? Usually, it’s just blank, like right now. I am writing (typing) without any specific... Continue Reading →


This has been the fastest slowest winter ever. That may be a bit hyperbolic, but it sure as fuck feels like the last month flew by. How is it still only February? Where are my warm temperatures? Where is my sunshine? Where are the blooming trees and the greening grass? I legitimately, with a fiery... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Glutton

I am currently sitting at my desk eating a piece of red velvet cake roll (store bought) and ice cream. Not because I am hungry but because it is Christmas. I am a Christmas glutton. I throw caution to the wind and eat until I feel sick to my stomach, have a massive 'food baby,'... Continue Reading →


I like to create things. It could be a new cookie recipe, word art, poems, prose, a mess, etc. For a while now, I have wanted a Cricut machine. I finally, after two years of hemming and hawing about it, bought one. I LOVE IT! I want to MAKE ALL THE THINGS! Of course, everything... Continue Reading →

Yes, And…

"Got your back."Every improvisor ever When I signed up for Improv 101 at Push Comedy Theater in June of 2018 it never occurred to me how big of an impact both, the art of improv and the theater where I took classes, would have on my life. Before taking improv, I had never seen an... Continue Reading →

Holiday Inheritance

Yesterday, my youngest son and I were coming home from running errands just after the sun had set. As we were driving through our neighborhood, he commented on how cool and sparkly all the Christmas lights looked decorating our neighbor's houses. This got me thinking about the late fall and winter time of year, or... Continue Reading →

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