Holiday Inheritance

Yesterday, my youngest son and I were coming home from running errands just after the sun had set. As we were driving through our neighborhood, he commented on how cool and sparkly all the Christmas lights looked decorating our neighbor’s houses. This got me thinking about the late fall and winter time of year, or … More Holiday Inheritance

Freedom from the Fruit

When I was about thirteen-years-old I started reading The Last Vampire book series by Christopher Pike.  It’s basically a rite of passage for adolescent teen girls to read books about vampires. This series preceded Twilight and is nothing like it.  The protagonist of the series is actually a female vampire. She’s 5000 years old and … More Freedom from the Fruit

Positive Life

As cliché as it may seem, I wish more peopled subscribed to the notion of, “if you can’t say anything, say nothing at all.”  I’ll get on Facebook, see an article with a purposefully controversial headline, and then click the comments.  It’s nothing but people posting their nasty or negative comments, or arguing with people … More Positive Life