An Interlude in the Nude

For the past several years I wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot. Nearly all the boudoir photos I found on the internet were beautiful and amazing, but in nearly all of them the women were wearing lingerie. I have nothing against lingerie; it’s beautiful. However, I am not a lingerie wearing kind of woman.  I sleep naked and can’t stand wearing a bra for more than 6 hours. Plus, I can’t even put forth the effort to match my bra (when I wear one) and panties.  

After really considering it, I decided I wanted to be naked; full on, completely, and unapologetically as naked as the day I was born. Personally, I feel like I look pretty fucking awesome naked. 

Last Summer, before my husband died, I told him I wanted to do a nude boudoir photoshoot; he fully supported the idea (I mean, duh… why wouldn’t he). I figured turning forty was the perfect time to do one. Then, he died two months after I turned 40. I didn’t consider it again until this past February.

Last Thursday, I finally did it!! I am so glad I did. I love my photos! I want to do it again. Honestly, I look pretty damn hot. 

Finding a photographer whose work embodied the look and feel I was going for was a difficult task. I wanted someone who was well-versed in taking nude photos (not just lingerie), didn’t have ‘cookie-cutter’ poses, and tailored the photos to their client while staying true to who they are in their artistry. 

After scouring the web, I found Daytona Lamade Photography. She did an Ah-Mazing job! The whole shoot was dedicated to me. It wasn’t like a photo factory. My hair and make-up were done, but I still looked like me; not like some caricature of myself that I didn’t recognize.  We took the time to talk about what I wanted. I didn’t feel rushed and her patience with my mini-panic over my ‘outfits’ made me feel at ease. Yes, I did full nude, but too much naked gets boring. 

Underwear counts as an outfit, right?

Daytona’s ‘studio’ is actually a pink historical home dubbed, “The Dollhouse.”  I had an entire house to play in.  Her assistant, Allyson, fixed my hair in-between shots (I have a lot of hair), giving me that “celebrity-style” treatment.  Daytona’s directions with posing gave my photos life because I cannot pose for shit. I never felt uncomfortable. Never. Not one time. I felt like I was hanging out with friends. The hardest part was after my shoot; I couldn’t figure out where I wanted to eat lunch before my image reveal. 

The first thing I did after I received my images was send nudes to all my girlfriends. Having a group of women to share my images with made the whole experience feel complete.

Every woman should do a nude photoshoot at least once in their life. She doesn’t have to share it with anyone if she doesn’t want to, however, if she wants to show off her body as the beautiful piece of artwork it truly is, she should do so unapologetically.

Follow Daytona on Instagram @daytonalamade_boudoir

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