Clue the Movie Review with Nerds of Comedy

In February of 2020, I recorded an episode with Nerds of Comedy reviewing Clue the Movie. The review was not posted to their YouTube page until this past week due to sound issues. Through technology and sound editing magic those issues have been corrected!

Clue is one of my favorite movies. It’s funny. It’s clever. The acting is great. The movie was released when I was about 4 years old, but I didn’t see it until I was 11. I was immediately captivated. I have passed my love of this movie on to my son. We watch it all the time. The more I watch it the better it gets and I find more to love about it with each watch.

Review of Clue the Movie with Nerds of Comedy

That Time I Did an Episode of Drunk Prov

In February 2021 while Push Comedy Theater was still relatively shut down Earprov aired shows on YouTube to help keep the theater afloat. Viewers would call in and donate money, the players would drink depending on the amount of their donations. It was a good time. I was way more drunk than I wanted to admit. My husband was home and watching on the living room television. He brought a trash can to me when I felt as if I was going to vomit (which I did, off camera). He covered me with a blanket and placed a pillow under my head. I awoke at 3 am and made my way to our bedroom. The next day, I rewatched the episode in order to pinpoint the exact moment of my drunken demise.