Two months after turning forty, my husband died in a motorcycle accident. I am suddenly a widow and single mom of two. Grief sucks. It’s terrible and never-ending. I miss my husband every single day.

Sometimes, I blog consistently; other times it’s hit-or-miss. I tend to delve into the realm of TMI (poop, farts, and lady parts). Sometimes, I am negative and down. Other times, I am a positive ray of sunshine.  

I’m a junkie for the AAA; Attention, Affection, and Adoration. I dabble in improv comedy and can be found “up in the gym, working on my fitness.”  Liquor is quicker, so when I want a drink I reach for that. I’m partial to tequila, but also a fan of bourbon, whiskey, scotch, and spiced rum. I color to destress. Tangents are my jam. I say, “fuck,” a lot.

Extra loud and shameless about my self-expression.

Current Obsessions

  • Improv
  • Working on my fitness
  • LEGO sets
  • True Crime
  • Making it through the day

A Place to Giggle

“I’m in a glass cage of emotion.”

-Ron Burgundy