Red Flags

A small but personally observed list of relationship and dating “red flags.” When a guy you’ve gone out with a handful of times starts sending you videos from Prager U. When a man says he’s “confused” about his feelings for you after spending months convincing you of those feelings. When the person you are dating … More Red Flags

The Wife-Mom Quagmire

Before you get married ask your partner what their expectations are. In fact, point blank ask them, “Are you look for a partner or a parent?” If you are looking for different things, don’t get married. If you have the expectation that marriage is a partnership and it ends up being a parent/adult-child relationship chances … More The Wife-Mom Quagmire

A Friendly Betrayal

I have lied. I have cheated, both in school and in relationships. I don’t feel good about any of it. I cheated on a test in college. I cheated on my homework and classwork in high school. Not all the time. Honestly, I was usually the one that was cheated off of, but I did … More A Friendly Betrayal

We Were on a Break!

Separation can be good.  My husband and I have been married for almost 16 years.  While that isn’t anywhere near the 50+ years my grandparents were married.  Or, even the 38 years my parents have been married; it is a long time to spend with someone.  We separated for nine months.  He moved out.  We … More We Were on a Break!