Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

A list of all that I am Thankful for despite the Shit Show that is 2020: Although they are learning virtually my children are doing well in school The pandemic has not posed a financial hardship on my family I have a deeper understanding of what true friendship entails My parents have managed to dodge... Continue Reading →

Freedom from the Fruit

When I was about thirteen-years-old I started reading The Last Vampire book series by Christopher Pike.  It's basically a rite of passage for adolescent teen girls to read books about vampires. This series preceded Twilight and is nothing like it.  The protagonist of the series is actually a female vampire. She's 5000 years old and... Continue Reading →

Advice for the Young

Several weeks ago a young woman I know asked via Facebook, "Women in your thirties and forties, what advice would you give a woman in her twenties?"  I didn't answer the question, because I wasn't sure what advice I would give. After taking some time, I found I do have advice. When you grow into... Continue Reading →

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

I am a liar. So, are you. In the words of famed TV doctor, Gregory House, “Everybody lies.”  It’s the lies that we tell ourselves that I feel can be most harmful.  I tell myself I am okay when I am not. It’s a coping mechanism to get me through the day. It’s a helpful,... Continue Reading →

I am not sorry, I’m not sorry

"Sorry, it's my Facebook (or, other social medium) I can post what I want to." Why do we feel the need to apologize for posting to our own social media accounts?  I'm not talking blatantly offensive material, I'm talking things along the line of "too many" cat memes, "too many" bikini pics, "too many" photos... Continue Reading →

Positive Life

As cliché as it may seem, I wish more peopled subscribed to the notion of, "if you can't say anything, say nothing at all."  I'll get on Facebook, see an article with a purposefully controversial headline, and then click the comments.  It's nothing but people posting their nasty or negative comments, or arguing with people... Continue Reading →

I’m a Terrible Blogger

I am the worst about keeping up with this blogging thing.  I write.  Usually, it's in my journal when I am frustrated or annoyed, and to be quite honest, I find it easier to pull out a notebook and pen, than to fire up the laptop, particularly in moments of emotional stress.  I am going... Continue Reading →

The Prude, The Tease, and The Slut

The prude: a woman who is considered to be nonsexual, or easily offended by anything sexual.  The tease: a woman who is sexually provocative, however, doesn't "put out." The slut: a woman who may, or may not, be sexually provocative, and "puts out." All of these terms tend to have negative connotations to them.  If... Continue Reading →

What’s my Blog, again?

I start a blog intent on writing at least once a week, if not more. Two montshs go by, and nothing. It isn't that I don't have anything to say; I've just gotten incredibly lazy, and my mind won't focus.  My husband, and I have been separated for getting close to 3 months, but it... Continue Reading →


Anyone who has ever taken a basic economic class has been taught the theory of Supply and Demand. However rudimentary one's understanding of economics is, we can all agree one of the most basic principles is, "when supply of a good is up, the value of the good is low." Enter Dickonomics. Dickonomics is not... Continue Reading →

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