This has been the fastest slowest winter ever. That may be a bit hyperbolic, but it sure as fuck feels like the last month flew by. How is it still only February? Where are my warm temperatures? Where is my sunshine? Where are the blooming trees and the greening grass? I legitimately, with a fiery burning passion, loathe the fucking winter. I don’t think I could ever adequately express with enough negative words how much I hate it.

EVERYTHING LOOKS DEAD! It is so depressing. I want to go outside and feel the warm air. The sun permeating my skin. I want to run without the cold burning my eyes. I want to take a walk without the tip of my nose becoming as cold as ice. I want to lay in the sun, increasing both my vitamin D and serotonin levels.

I spend so much of the winter wandering around my house, erratically going from one task to the next. Often times, I don’t finish one thing before going to the other. I end up with half-done projects and forgotten tasks, usually of the necessary kind. Winter is hell. Hell is frozen. It doesn’t need to freeze over. In fact if there is a hell and I am doomed to burn in hellfire and damnation, I don’t even mind. At least I’ll be warm.

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