I like to create things. It could be a new cookie recipe, word art, poems, prose, a mess, etc. For a while now, I have wanted a Cricut machine. I finally, after two years of hemming and hawing about it, bought one. I LOVE IT! I want to MAKE ALL THE THINGS! Of course, everything I have made so far has been super basic because I am learning how to navigate design space, have very little understanding about all the vinyl options, and don’t really know everything the machine can actually do. I’ve watched YouTube videos – of which there are a plenty – on how to do different things.

I’ve also been working on different design ideas, drawing inspiration from myself and pretty much everyone I know. All my family and friends will be getting homemade gifts from this point forward. Honestly, I’ve always been into homemade gifts. I feel like they’re more personal, and show you actually pay attention and give a shit about the person. When I was in college and poor as hell, I made playlists for everyone in my family and burned CDs for them. This was in the early aughts and Napster was still a thing.

Anyway, I have felt the compulsion to create lately. Not only with the Cricut but with art and writing as well. I wrote a poem the other night. I felt compelled to write. It just came to me. It may have been the alcohol combined with a release of repressed emotions, but in any event I felt like I needed to write. I think it’s pretty good. I probably won’t let anyone read it for like two years. Well, anyone in the general public at least.

It feels good to create things other than food. When I create a new cookie recipe, I feel compelled to eat all the cookies. Then, I feel bad for eating them (they’re really fucking good). I don’t like to brag or boast about much, but cookies… that’s my thing. Baking in general is fun for me. I love baked goods, hence the ‘Horny for Food‘ apron. I have found creating has been good for the soul but chaotic for my mind. I want to create so many things I can’t focus on just one thing. I wonder if this is what all artists feel like? Or, is it just the ADHD?

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  1. You’re a very creative person! Pursue all that interests you; be it pole dancing or baking or just anything under the sun. May you get all that you desire for.

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