Red Flags Part Deux

Now that I am forced to date again, here is another list of personally observed red flags!

  • Tries to get you to have sex with him in a coffee shop parking lot on a street bustling with nightlife.
  • Texts, “Let’s fuck,” after 5 message exchanges.
  • After he ends your “whatever it the fuck it was” ship, he decides 48 hours later he has changed his mind (and, then changes his mind again 12 days later). “To be clear” (his words) you’re just friends now.
  • Takes you axe-throwing for your date, but cannot hear and it is loud as fuck in there so no conversation can be had.
  • Accuses you of not being “truthful” in your intentions even though you were explicit in your intentions
  • You forget he is even there (okay, maybe that one is on me).
  • He friend-zones himself, but still brings you a thoughtful gift.
  • He says things like “girls don’t realize the things they say ruins their chance…” Chance at what? You? Fuck all the way off!
  • Snapchats you more than texts you (what are you trying to hide?)
  • Says, “I love you,” multiple times and then claims he didn’t mean it because he was drunk, even though you’ve had a situation/friendship for over 6 years…

Maybe, I will be single forever.

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