I’m a Terrible Blogger

I am the worst about keeping up with this blogging thing.  I write.  Usually, it’s in my journal when I am frustrated or annoyed, and to be quite honest, I find it easier to pull out a notebook and pen, than to fire up the laptop, particularly in moments of emotional stress.  I am going to do much better starting now; I promise. I hope.  I’ll make a better effort. I need to make an effort now that my husband moved back in and we are no longer separated.  It’s been an adjustment that is for sure.  His repeated lying hasn’t helped either.  However, I would rather deal with his lies than date.  Dating SUCKED!

Anyway, that’s all done with.  Now I have just one man to deal with.  Plus, we have the kids and they are easier to take care of in a two-parent household.  The drugs are also making it easier.  Vyvanse is a miracle.  I don’t think my house has ever been cleaner.  I’ll start out with a little project that somehow turns into a bigger project.  It has made me have a deeper appreciation for my house.  I want to move, but I wish I could pick up my house and bring it with me.  I love the floor plan, and the dining room is the perfect size for a ping pong table.  I still kind of want to turn the dining room into a pole room, so we shall see.


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