Anyone who has ever taken a basic economic class has been taught the theory of Supply and Demand. However rudimentary one’s understanding of economics is, we can all agree one of the most basic principles is, “when supply of a good is up, the value of the good is low.” Enter Dickonomics. Dickonomics is not a new theory. In fact, after thinking about it for a while, I googled it. Low-and-behold, I found a post entitled, The Dickonomics of Tinder. While the post is nearly three years old, not much has changed in the world of dick, and online dating.  All men have dicks, and for some reason think that their dick is special. However like the post states, “Dick is abundant and low value.”

As someone who hasn’t dated since 2002, and is just now getting out of a 14 year marriage, I am not looking to jump right into a relationship. However, I am not into just getting laid.  Every conversation that is started with these guys inevitably turns to the topic of sex. Sometimes rather quickly. I get it. I really do. These dating apps make it easier to meet people. It makes it easier to put out there that you’re looking for a good time (I see you Oscar, with your, “I’ll only be in town for 10 days”).  Might as well go ahead and say you’re looking for pussy.  Also, what is up with the, “We should meet for a drink,” statement after only trading a few pleasantries back-and-forth.  I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why a man would think that I would want to take time out of my day to meet for a “drink” (pretty sure this is a euphemism for sex), after the only conversation we have exchanged are basic greetings and how are yous. I don’t know what the actual statistics are in terms of ratio of male-to-female matches vs. female-to-male matches, but I am willing to bet it is somewhere in the 1:5 range. For every one women a man is having an online conversation with, she is more-than-likely talking to five men. Men need to learn that taking the time to have a conversation with a woman, will be more likely to get them an actual date.  It doesn’t have to be incredibly in-depth, but some basic points should be examined.  For example, a person that supports PETA may not want to go on a date with someone who hunts during every season, hence they’re not very compatible on a deep moral issue they each may hold.

In addition to the high supply of dick, there is also the issue of substitutes. A real dick is easily replaced by an artificial one.  The law of substitution basically means, if there is a comparable good available at a lower price, the lower priced good will replace the other when the price of the original good rises too high.  I am not sure about the rest of the women in the world, although I have a sneaking suspicion they aren’t too dissimilar to me, but I can get myself off in 90 seconds, or less, if I need to.  The price of real dick is emotional. Is it really worth putting up with possible mental anguish that could be caused by the man attached to the real dick if I just need an orgasm, when I have a perfectly good, functioning artificial dick at home?  Is he really bringing anything more to the table? Additionally, it is often safer, and more effective to just get yourself off if an orgasm is all a woman is looking for.

What I am looking for is a man who can stimulate my mind, before I allow him the privilege of stimulating my vagina.  Good conversation and mental connection are in low supply, and therefore of high value.  In this modern world of social media, which oddly enough, makes us less social beings, good face-to-face conversation is hard to come by. Being able to go on a date and have a real conversation about topics that are more in-depth than just one’s favorite ice cream flavor are of an extreme rarity.  Even more rare is not to have the pressure of sex looming overhead.  I tell all guys I go out with now, that I do not fuck on the first date. Some of them respect this, and don’t try anything (although I am sure in the back of their minds they are hoping I am much more lax on a second date), others seem to take it as a challenge.  They say they respect it, but they get a little too handsy, flirtatious, and tend to bring sex into the conversation more often than necessary on a first date.  Plus, they tend to be the ones that buy me as many drinks as I am willing to drink, hoping that if I get intoxicated enough I will my relax my no sex rule.  This is another problem entirely when it comes to male/female dynamics, and should be examined more closely. If a man feels he needs to buy a woman X amount of drinks to get her to sleep with him, then he is most definitely going about it the wrong way.

Respect for women is in low supply, and therefore of high value.  If a man is willing to learn that to take it slow with a woman, and to make her feel comfortable, is the ultimate form of foreplay, he may be surprised at the high quality sex, and pleasure, he may receive from a woman who feels she has been respected. We as women, must continue to realize that we are worthy of respect, and if we aren’t feeling respected, or having a good time there is absolutely nothing wrong with just leaving. Get up, and walk out. We do not need to waste our time.  Men are there to impress us, woo us, and they should feel lucky to have us.  I will not play hard to get, nor will I be easy.  Treat me with respect, and I will treat you the same. Until men stop treating women like a piece of ass, women will continue to treat men like the Dicks they’re so proud to have.

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