The Good Stuff

It wasn't perfect. Not even close, but it was ours and I miss it everyday.  Especially the good stuff.  I miss: The way he'd massage my back. Usually because he wanted sex, but sometimes just because he wanted to. Falling asleep with my leg touching his. His body heat, especially in the winter. The way he'd... Continue Reading →

The Wife-Mom Quagmire

Before you get married ask your partner what their expectations are. In fact, point blank ask them, "Are you look for a partner or a parent?" If you are looking for different things, don't get married. If you have the expectation that marriage is a partnership and it ends up being a parent/adult-child relationship chances... Continue Reading →

Marriage is a Four Letter Word

I can't speak for all marriages, but I can say that mine is a four letter word. My husband and I are so different. Trying to hold a conversation with him about anything other than motorcycles is damn near impossible. In fact holding a conversation with him period is difficult as fuck. He listens to... Continue Reading →

Soul Igniting Love

I want out-of-your-mind love. I want love that shines brighter than the brightest stars.  I want someone to love me so much that there are no questions or doubts, that they are my person. I don't want to wonder, "Am I a consolation prize?" I want fire. I want passion. I want soul igniting love.... Continue Reading →

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