I am not sorry, I’m not sorry

“Sorry, it’s my Facebook (or, other social medium) I can post what I want to.”

Why do we feel the need to apologize for posting to our own social media accounts?  I’m not talking blatantly offensive material, I’m talking things along the line of “too many” cat memes, “too many” bikini pics, “too many” photos of my new baby, etc.  Recently, I’ve noticed many of the people I follow posting a picture and then apologizing for posting it.  Or, promising it’s the last one of its kind.  Who Cares?!  It’s your social media account; why do you need to apologize for posting ten-thousand pregnancy bump pics?

Facebook has an unfriend, an unfollow, and even a hide button for a reason.  If your followers, or “friends,” are annoyed by your eight-hundredth photo of avocado toast, they can easily not see it.  I have done so.  I have unfollowed many people because I have found their posts annoying.  I didn’t feel the need to complain, or let them know their posts were annoying to me.  I just unfollowed and went about my day.

I have many times over caught myself not posting something because I figured people didn’t care, or didn’t want to read what I had to say, or found my 300th bikini pic annoying.  I am tired of worrying about annoying folks.  They can easily unfollow.  They can easily unfriend (chances are I won’t even notice), they can hide me.  They don’t have to look at the pictures I post.  They don’t have to read the things I have to say.  They don’t have to look at the memes I post.

I am no longer sorry for what I inundate your eyes with.  It is your choice to not look at it, just as much as it is my choice to post it.  So get ready world, bikini pics abound! Random thoughts coming at ya!  Nonsensical snaps shall flood my story.  I will do what I want to do because it is my prerogative!  I will not apologize!  I am not sorry, I’m not sorry!

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