Truth be Told

Truth be told, I am angry as fuck that my husband died. Scratch that, he didn't die, he was killed. He was killed by some dumb fucking cunt that couldn't be bothered to look both ways. Apparently, the baby shower she was already late to was more important than making sure she didn't kill anyone.... Continue Reading →


I never thought the year I turned 40, I would have to eulogize my husband. How do you write a eulogy for someone so young? He was only 42. I tried to remain as authentic as possible. I also had to keep it proper for the public. It was a difficult balance. I met Gregg... Continue Reading →

The Good Stuff

It wasn't perfect. Not even close, but it was ours and I miss it everyday.  Especially the good stuff.  I miss: The way he'd massage my back. Usually because he wanted sex, but sometimes just because he wanted to. Falling asleep with my leg touching his. His body heat, especially in the winter. The way he'd... Continue Reading →

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